Saturday, December 22, 2012

Khmer Unicode 2.0.1

Free Download Khmer Unicode 2.0.1 from here:

As computer and internet industry gain influence and market in Cambodia, several types of Khmer fonts have been developed as well, such as Khek font,Limon fontZero-Space font, and many others just to name a few. Most of them were not developed by using Unicode or meet the guideline of the Unicode Standards. However, all of these fonts have been widely utilized with word processing, such as Word in Microsoft Office. Because many of these fonts were neither developed using Unicode Standards nor adopted by makers of World Wide Web (WWW) browsers, many Khmer fonts were not readable without special library drivers.
  1. Download (version 2.0.0)
  2. Use a Zip softwares to Extract the
  3. Installation:
    1. Khmer Unicode 2.0.0
      Double click on this KhmerUnicode2.0.1.exe icon
    2. Welcome Wizard Khmer Unicode
      Click "Next" as indicating by the arrow
    3. Destination Location Khmer Unicode
      Click "Next" as indecating by the arrow
    4. Destination Location Khmer Unicode
      It may take minutes to wait...
    5. Finish Installing Khmer Unicode
      Click "Finish"
    6. Language Selection between Khmer Unicode and English
      At the bottom-corner of your computer screen, you should see this image that allow you to select either CA: Catalan or EN:English (United States) for Writing(Typing). For writing in Khmer, you need to select CA:Catalan.